MZHOU 9V Battery Connector,10 PCS T-Type 9 Volt Buckle Connector Hard Plastic for Equipment with Battery(T-Type, 10PCS)

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Additional information

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MZHOU 9V Battery Connector,10 PCS T-Type 9 Volt Buckle Connector Hard Plastic for Equipment with Battery(T-Type, 10PCS)

MZHOU 9V Battery Connector,10 PCS T-Type 9 Volt Buckle Connector Hard Plastic for Equipment with Battery(T-Type, 10PCS)



  • Simple Design : The battery snap connector are designed simply with bare ends, which is convenient to install to replace a broken battery connector on your electronic device.
  • Application: you can apply these connector clips for Arduino Project,Breadboard Design,Adapter Replacement,Repair,Led Light,Guitar Pedal,Battery Backup Clip and Other Devices with a 9 volt Leads Battery.
  • Enhanced Safety: The battery connectors adopt sturdy plastic housing and metal material, which plays a useful protective role.Metal contacts perform well and cable tails are easily soldered with immersion tin.
  • Quantity and Size: Come with 10 pcs T-Type 9V battery clip connector (9 V battery is not included);Cable length: approx.15 cm/ 5.9 inches.
  • Attention:Only suitable for DC 1 x 9V Vdc Batteries | Don’t use electric electronic component in wet/damp enviroment | Be cautious of voltage surges caused by series connection of multiple 9 volt batteries.Please make sure of this before purchasing.


Product Name: Battery Protective Buckle
Model: #22-T-Type
Material: Plastic ABS and Metal
Connection cable color: Black and Red
Size: 2.4 x 1.2 x 0.8cm/0.94″ x 0.47″ x 0.31″, cable length 15cm/5.9″

1.Perfect for connecting to 9V battery clip connector,replacing old ones that got corroded by battery leakage, replacing damaged battery connectors on electronic devices.
2.Great to use for LED strip light or Arduino.
3.Removable power connections for home projects.
4.You can also use the same 9v connector for DIY battery clip.

1.Use the 9V battery clip with a single battery: Avoid connecting multiple batteries in series as it can result in excessive current and damage the product.
2.Correct Polarity: Ensure that the 9V battery is inserted into the battery clip with the correct polarity to ensure proper connection.
3.Avoid Short Circuits: Prevent the two contact points of the battery clip from short-circuiting, as this can lead to fires or battery damage.
4.Safe Storage: When not in use, store the battery clip in a dry place away from direct sunlight and flammable materials.
5.Avoid Over-bending: Avoid excessive bending of the wires of the battery clip to prevent wire damage that could result in poor contact.
6.Appropriate Usage: Understand the maximum current-carrying capacity of the battery clip and do not exceed its rated value to avoid overheating or wire melting.
7.Regular Inspection: Periodically check the connection of the battery clip to ensure there is no corrosion or damage, maintaining a stable battery connection.
8.Child Safety: If there are children around, make sure they do not put the battery clip or battery in their mouth to prevent choking or hazards.

Package included:
10* T-TYPE 9V battery clips connector buckle(9V battery is not included)

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  1. Michele Vuono
    Exceptional Value and Quality
    When assembling breadboard projects that require 9v, I usually just cut up an old guitar pedal battery adapter (the flimsy ones occasionally included with pedals), strip/solder the leads and attempt to mash them into the board’s bus terminals.

    For under $1 per connector (as of this review), these adapters offer excellent value in their build quality with terminals set in plastic, and pre-tinned leads. Fit is perfect and I wouldn’t hesitate to order more. 5 stars.

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  2. Anonymous
    The "good ones"
    I’m not sure if you can tell from my photo, but these are the “good” ones – the ones with the rigid plastic housing, rather than the little vinyl pouch. These will hold up much better. I would say I like to replace them in all of my electronics (that use 9V batteries), but, sadly, I’ve learned that this type are thick enough that there’s not always room. But for my projects, they’re the only way to go. They otherwise seem to be good quality, as well.
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