MZHOU DC/DC 9-32V to 12V 5A MAX, 12V Voltage stabilized Converter with Quick Connection Cable

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Additional information

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MZHOU DC/DC 9-32V to 12V 5A MAX, 12V Voltage stabilized Converter with Quick Connection Cable

MZHOU DC/DC 9-32V to 12V 5A MAX, 12V Voltage stabilized Converter with Quick Connection Cable



  • 【DC/DC12V/5A】DC/DC 9-32V to 12V 5A converter regulator.Meet your actual power supply stabilized needs.
  • 【Multiple protection】It adopts integrated IC design, featuring high conversion efficiency, small size, stability and reliability, and adopts potting process, which is dust-proof, water-proof and vibration-proof.
  • 【High conversion efficiency】Conversion efficiency over to 90%.This product is only used for power conversion.The converter outputs a standard 12V voltage and is not suitable for charging.
  • 【Wide application】Large trucks, Golf cart, Club car, taxi radio, emu, car audio, LCD TV, advertising screen, LED strip lights, monitoring system, electronic systems and DIY etc.
  • 【High quality customer service】Your satisfaction is our priority. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions with installation or quality.


Brand: MZHOU
Input Voltage: DC 12V
Input Voltage Range: DC 9-32V
Efficiency: Over 90%(When 24V input)
Output voltage: DC 12V
Output current: 5A
Output power:60W
Waterproof rating: IPX-7
Working temperature: -25℃ ~ +65℃
Working Humidity: 0~95%RH
Storage temperature:-40℃ ~ +85℃
Storage Humidity: 0~95%RH
L*W*H: 66*60*22MM
Net weight: 100G

12V regulator connection: Input: red(+) black(-)
Output: yellow(+) black(-)
Protection against transient high voltage at input, protection against over current at output, protection against over temperature at chip.

DC voltage regulator safety manual
1. the load connected to the output of the power regulator should not be higher than the MAX LISTED LOAD POWER, any higher load will cause damage to the power regulator. 2. in the process of use, if the ambient temperature is too high, should be appropriate to reduce the use of power, low-temperature operation is a guarantee that the power supply can work reliably for a long time.

1 Can not be reversed, the power supply does not have reverse connection protection,please connect the wires correctly, reverse connection will damage the power supply
2 The use of the process can not be overloaded load, leave a margin for the power supply to ensure long-term stability of the power supply work
3 In the process of use, if the ambient temperature is too high should be appropriate to reduce the power to use, low-temperature work is the power supply can be long-term reliable work to ensure that properly functioning.

Package Includes
1x DC to DC Voltage Stabilized Converter12V 5A

Rating & Review

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  1. Welles
    Can be used as a solar panel voltage stabilizer
    I got this DC-DC converter in order to stabilize the voltage coming in from a solar panel so that I can run a 12V thermoelectric fridge from it (when the sun is shining). I’ve heard putting a capacitor on the input and output can help protect the converter from power surges when using solar panels.
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  2. MisterTinkerman
    Great Voltage Converter and Regulator
    The price is excellent for what is included.

    This regulator comes with an already wired-in fuse holder with a 10 amp fuse on the input side and two quick connectors, one on each input/output side.

    Based on the label this is actually a buck-boost DC converter – input range is 9-32 volts and the output is 12 volts. The max output current is rated at 5 amps. The unit is solid state and sealed so it is dust-proof, water-proof and vibration-proof, good for mobile/outside applications.

    Be careful when connecting the regulator – there is no reverse connection protection and connecting it incorrectly can damage the regulator. Input: red (+) black (-), Output: yellow (+) black (-).

    The regulator I received took an input voltage ranging from 13.3 to 14.4 volts and stabilized it down to 12.3 volts at no load. This regulator is perfect for many applications. My application –a regulated 12 volt feed with battery backup to a chicken coop door.

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