MZHOU 20W Thick modified resin heating pad with timer function and 3 temperature settings

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Additional information

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MZHOU 20W Thick modified resin heating pad with timer function and 3 temperature settings

MZHOU 20W Thick modified resin heating pad with timer function and 3 temperature settings



THICK RESIN HEATING PAD: Upgraded and thickened material, 20W heating pad is not easy to deform and balanced heat. Compared to traditional natural air drying, our resin heating pads provide more efficient and convenient curing. Significantly shorten the time, only 1-3 hours to complete the curing, instantly produce beautiful resin crafts. Note: The thicker the epoxy resin mold, the longer the curing time.
ADJUSTABLE TIME AND TEMPERATURE: Our resin curing machine is equipped with a timer that allows you to set the time and temperature. There are three timer settings: 2 hours/4 hours/6 hours and three temperature settings: low, medium and high. With this resin dryer you can cure your artwork easily and quickly. Note: Depending on the size and thickness of the mold, the curing time may vary. You can try different settings to achieve the best results.
EASY TO CLEAN: Our product comes with a 40cm*30cm silicone mat that prevents the resin heating pad from coming into direct contact with the curing epoxy resin. It can also accommodate multiple or larger silicone molds and is suitable for multiple projects at the same time, perfect for resin lovers and DIY enthusiasts.
HIGH SAFETY: The resin heating pad is made of PCB material, durable and wear-resistant, not easy to deform. The heating pad is equipped with an insulated cover to prevent children and pets from accidentally eating the product during heating.
ACCESSORIES for the resin heating pad: 1x resin heating pad, 1x silicone pad and 1x thermal cover. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us, we will reply you within 24 hours.



Im Gegensatz zu herkömmlichen Aushärtungsmethoden verkürzen unsere Heizkissen die Zeit, die für die Aushärtung des Harzes benötigt wird, und machen es so schnell und effizient, was sich hervorragend für Kunst und Handwerk eignet.

Schnelle Aushärtung

Die Heizkissen sind bis zu 65°C/220°F wirksam und verkürzen die Aushärtungszeit von 12 Stunden auf 1-2 Stunden, wodurch die Produktivität von Epoxidharz erhöht und Zeit gespart wird.

Einstellbare Temperatur: Die Temperatur des Harzheizkissens ist einstellbar.

Harzheizkissen gibt es in den Ausführungen L (niedrige Temperatur), M (mittlere Temperatur) und H (hohe Temperatur) mit Zeiteinstellungen von 2, 4 und 6 Stunden. Die Aushärtungszeit und -temperatur des Harzes sind einfach einzustellen, so dass eine sichere Verwendung gewährleistet ist und die Form nicht beschädigt wird.

Technische Daten

Werkstoff: PVB

Größe: 40,1*29,7 cm

Typenauswahl: EU-Standard

Nettogewicht: ca. 300g

Spannung: 220V

Leistung: 55-65 Watt


1 x Heizkissen

1 x Silikonmatte

1 x Thermische Abdeckung

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